Friday, April 12, 2013

Journal Entry "Ruby Lips" Drowning Scene

On April 3rd we filmed the pool drowning of Clementine scene. Since this was suppose to look like a home video recording, we used the Armstrong Atlantic State University camera equipment. I was a water supervisor of sorts. I stayed in the pool while the filming was going on to make sure everything that was done was safe. We also had just one chance to capture Logan(Clementine) falling into the pool since after that she would be wet and no retakes could be filmed without a very long process of drying her hair and the rest of her. But we didn't have to worry about that because the first take of that fall was very good.  One part of the scene we were unable to do because of schedule conflicts was have Bobbie Renee (London, Clementine's sister) there. Technically her character is the one video taping the drowning but since she couldn't be there we had our wonderful director video tape it. We did make a reference to London actually being there because Clementine calls out for help to her sister as Jesse is drowning her. Logan's scream for help was awesome and Oscar (Jesse) did a very good job of being evil and drowning her. Thankfully, no one really got drowned or hurt. We (including me) only got very cold after being in the pool for over an hour.

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