Friday, April 5, 2013

Journal Entry "Ruby Lips" Day 3 of filming

Back on Sunday March 24th we filmed the interrogation scenes between Park and Jesse. We filmed this inside the film studio in Jenkins Hall on AASU Campus. Since Christina was unable to be there, I became the Script Supervisor for that day. That involved a lot of work on my part and at first it was difficult to understand but as the day went on I got better and since I worked that whole day I get my name in the credits as Script Supervisor along with Christina. It took a while to get everything started and when we started we were in the room looking into the "interrogation room" and we had to worry a lot about reflections of the crew in the window. I got to be an extra again as the interrogation room operator but my part was only partially filmed and most likely will not end up in the film. It was still fun, though. We got all we wanted to accomplish that day done and that was a good thing.

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