Saturday, March 30, 2013

Journal entry "Ruby Lips" Day 2 of filming

This past Saturday on the 23rd of March we filmed the Police Station Entryway Scenes and the Chemistry Lab scenes. We had a lot of people acting for us that were not main characters. Most of them were waiting in the Lobby of the Police Station for the scene when the Lawyer comes and talks to the desk clerk. We had a Hooker played by Shea Lee, a Druggie played by Andrew John, A Homeless guy played by Carter Keith, and various police station officers extras. We worked all morning to get things done. We had a bunch of fried chicken as our lunch provided that day and everyone loved it (except me but that's because I'm a pescatarian) and then we moved over to the Science Center after we got all of our planned shots done. It took a long time to move all of that equipment over there and we ended up starting filming the Chemistry Lab scenes later than we'd hoped to. We also had only two people show up to be extras in our classroom which was not good. Therefore most of the crew members who were not operating the camera or sound equipment became the students of the class. Eventually, throughout the days of filming everyone in my Video Production 2 Class all got to have cameos in the film except for Travis, our director, Josh C. S. Lewis, our 1st A.D., and Adrienne Boner, our professor. We were able to get all of the planned shots for Saturday done and that was the best reward.

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