Friday, March 8, 2013

Location, Location, Location

Today we showed our D.P. from SCAD the locations we were planning on filming the scenes from "Ruby Lips." We showed him the pool, the locker room, the interrogation room, the chemistry lab, and the Police hallway locations. He was very concerned with the length of the film and the small amount of time we had to film using the RED camera. He wanted us to condense the script as much as possible, down to about 11 pages. We ended up cutting the locker room scene because it was unnecessary. We also cut out the character "Tom" because we needed the actor playing him to be one of the police detectives because the guy originally casted was not going to be available to film when we needed him to be. We also cut out the morgue scene and placed the conversation that took place in that scene take place at the crime scene at the pool.

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