Friday, March 22, 2013

Filming "Ruby Lips" Day 1: The Pool Scenes

Today we filmed as much of the pool scenes as possible. We had planned on getting them all but we ran out of time. We had quite a large crew, some people from SCAD and some people from Armstrong, which helped us work. I wasn't able to be there at Crew Call time because I had Stage Movement Class until 11am. So I arrived at the Actors' Call time. Mostly everything was set up when I got there. The girl playing "Clementine" was still in makeup because of the extensive amount of special effects makeup needed to make her look dead and beaten.  She was a real trooper and never complained about getting in and out of the water and was able to float as if she were "dead" easily. We had someone else with her in the water at all times that I know of. I was the go-between for the actors and the director and A.D.s. Meaning, when they needed a certain actor I got him/her and sent him/her to them so that they didn't have to leave the set to get them. It was a long day and we didn't get everything finished that we wanted to so we will have to schedule in another day for filming at the pool.

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