Friday, October 5, 2012

Blog Journal: Watching Films and listening to soundtracks

Recently I've been watching films to review without listening to their soundtracks separately. I decided that after I reviewed The Hunger Games I would buy the soundtrack and listen to it and see if I could place the music at the right time and where it occurred in the movie. I listened to it in my car as I was driving home. Some things stood out to me like the fact that there aren't very many vocals used in the soundtrack except on one song "Horn of Plenty" which is the anthem for Panem. However I realized that when I had watched the movie I had not even noticed that there were words during this particular part of the movie, where the Tribute Parade happens. I also found out that the music tracks on the CD were not in the same order as they were in the movie. Some were but some weren't. Also there was one piece of music not used in the film but it was in the soundtrack. It is called "Countdown" and obviously, if it had been placed in the movie it would have occurred at the start of the Hunger Games right before and after the tributes leap off of their pedestals and run to the cornucopia. I could match it in my head with the action that occurred in the movie. The decision to keep only what Katniss hears during that part of the movie must have been decided after this particular score was written. Another thing that bothered me was there was no finale to the music and no end titles music. But the music itself was good and was pleasant to listen to.


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