Friday, October 5, 2012

Media Literacy Topic #3: Part B - Stereotypes and Genres

List as many stereotypes as you can.

Blondes are all air headed and not smart.
People from the country are rednecks and all act like hillbillies.
People from the south all speak like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind and they are not as smart as people from the north.
Popular people are not normally very smart people.

Is there any truth to the stereotypes you listed? 


If yes, how?

A few of the stereotypes have people in them that act in the way that is expected of them which causes the whole group to be judged by one or a few people and not actually everyone in said group.

Give one of the stereotypes being used in a movie.

Blondes are air headed.

Why do you think it was used?

It was used to disprove that the said stereotype is typical of all blondes.
This was used in the movie Legally Blonde in which the movie portrays that not all blondes fit that specific stereotypes. Blondes can be very smart.

Was your reaction to the stereotype positive or negative?

My response was positive.


I'm glad the movie showed that not all blondes fit the air headed stereotype which in turn helps people understand that stereotyping is not really the best way to judge another person.

List as many film genres or types as you can.

Romantic Comedy

Do any of the genres you listed use specific stereotypes?


What are they & how are they used?

A lot of Action/Adventure movies use ruggedly handsome males to portray the lead role
Horror movies use blondes to be killed first because they believe they are stupid.


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