Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Effects of taking the class Design for the Camera on my Video Production I class

Along with taking Video Production I this semester, I have also been taking Design for the Camera wherein I learn how to design sets for filmmaking. It is interesting to compare what I'm learning in that class and comparing it to what I'm learning in Video Production I. Some of the instructions overlap just a little bit but mostly in the Design class I can see my vision of a set for whatever circumstances and scriptsI've been given without any budget limits. In Video Production I have to take whatever vision I have and put it on a "no budget" scale which dramatically effects my work. For example, when I wrote "A Poker Hand" I did not think about actually trying to film it so in my mind I built the set to be whatever I wanted it to be. Then when we got around to scouting around for a place to use, I found out that my set was basically impossible to find the way I wanted it. In my mind I saw a dark paneled wood  wall or a dark painted room with no windows. In my vision there were only two doors to the room, the one into the room and the one into the bathroom. In my vision the floor was not carpeted but was either dark wood or dark tiled. In reality, the set we used had a minimum of 5 doors/openings and one windo, it was carpeted in a beige color two walls were brick and the others were white. Each door/opening led to different places. One actually did lead into a bathroom so that was why the location was chosen but one door led to a bedroom, one was more of a closet folding door to utilitarian instruments (air conditioning unit), one led to the outside world and the last one was a huge opening into a dinning area. That was the hardest thing to work around. We had to film at night because of the window and because of the dinning area we were unable to get some of the camera angles that I wanted to. Reality was harsh in comparison to my vision and in the end I had to accept the fact that, with no budget (as in no money), I was not going to get what I really wanted so that set design class while being a very interesting and fun class kind of made Video Production a little bit depressing for a few days until I made myself get over it and have fun anyways. I bring this up now because we were asked in Design class to pick a script that we can design an outside set and an inside set that may or may not be connected at the same location. I had a brief moment of inspiration to design the set for my film in the way that I really would have if I had the resources and the money but my teacher said no that I wasn't allowed to do that so I have to come up with another script to design sets for but it just reminded me that visions and reality seldom meet together seamlessly and that we just have to do the best with what we have and have fun doing it.

Note: Christina, I am not making fun of the location. I'm glad you found it and that we were able to use it. I'm just contrasting my vision with reality. This is not an attack on you or your apartment. I am sorry if this bothers you so please don't get offended. Thank you.
Here you can see the window in the background along with the one brick wall and one white wall

Far left is the Giant opening. Center is bathroom entrance. Folding doors on the left led to machinery. Opposite the bathroom door, where you can't see it from this angle is the bedroom door.

Another view of the large opening and a partial brick wall and a white one

Cast sitting in the dining area on the same beige carpet that we had in the other room

Opposite view of the giant opening. The front door is behind Christina and Kelly and the window in in the back left corner of the picture.


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