Saturday, November 17, 2012

Filming "The Singing Butler"

The Butler's Pocket Watch given to him by Vivienne in the flashback scene
Friday we filmed most of the rest of our film "The Singing Butler." The only thing we couldn't film was the very last bit with the sick lawyer. Crew was ready to film before the talent got there. On my way to Chuck's house (which is where we ended up having to film) I stopped by the dollar store to pick up some last minute props. But before I got there I realized I forgot the pie needed in my dorm so I had to turn around and go back to AASU and then go to the dollar store and get the small gift boxes we needed and a vanity mirror. I also bought a package of cookies to have for cast and crew as my apology for being late. However, none of the talent was there when I arrived so the cookies were for them anyways. It was difficult for me to find Chuck's house even with a map. (Unlike most people, I don't have a GPS or a phone with that capability.) But I finally found the place and started dressing the set with the necessary items I bought.
One of the first things we filmed was "Vivienne" getting ready for her anniversary night. We filmed the Flashback before this scene.
 We waited until Ashley was there to pick what necklace she was going to use. We ended up using the one I bought which made me very happy. The day seemed long but that was probably because I was low on sleep and energy. Some of the filming was interrupted constantly by Chuck's birds' squawks or his 3 dogs barking or making other noise. Sometimes it was very funny and hard to keep a straight face when it happened other times it was annoying but I feel that we did well. I'm sure some of the shots will have to have audio adjustments because of it but Chuck made us wonderful food so I don't blame him for anything. It was very delicious. He also let us stay longer than what we were allowed so that we could get all the shots we needed. So 2 thumbs up for Chuck! Without his help and offering of his house we would have had a very hard time getting everything we needed done on time and I am very grateful for him lending us his home. We were able to get all we needed filmed and we were finished around 5pm-5:30pm or maybe a little bit later. I had fun after I was able to get some energy to do anything and I was glad that we got all we absolutely needed. I also took many behind-the-scenes photographs.
The Vanity Set dressings

Filming the Kitchen scene
Nap time for Ashley between her scenes 

Eating the wonderful food Chuck made for us

Josh was later than expected getting to the set so when he got there Travis made sure to do his hair and makeup quickly.

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