Friday, November 9, 2012

Waiting to Film "The Singing Butler"

"The Singing Butler"
We've started work on our new film project for "The Singing Butler" by filming the end of it on the beach near the Tybee Island Lighthouse. We were suppose to be there by 1:30pm to start filming and so I left Savannah an hour and a half before that time so I would be there, hopefully early, but maybe just on time. Turns out, it didn't really matter. I was the only one there on time. I sat in my car ate an ice cream bar from the convenience store after I filled up my car's gas tank. It was very good. I had not had one of those ice cream bars for at least 4-5yrs (since high school) and I'd forgotten how good they tasted. But the ice cream bar was only worth about ten minutes distraction (I didn't want to get a brain freeze so I was careful not to eat it too fast.) I turned my car on and listened to the music from The Lion King Musical for the next hour. It was nearly 2:30pm by the time everyone was there and we could begin filming. However I got lost following the car in front of me as it went to our destination too fast for me to keep up. The Speed Limit signs said 15 mph and I apparently wanted to not get arrested so I didn't speed. I did get upset for a while and then finally called the director to asked directions. So I get there and I have to pay to park. I have to leave by 3:30pm at the latest to get back to AASU on time for dinner and Macbeth (I worked the light board and it was so much fun. If you haven't seen it, come and see it before Monday or you'll miss a great show.) So paying to park for roughly 25 minutes seemed a waste of money but I decided to pay and get a little thing to stick on my dash proving that I was paying.  A couple of other drivers in our group didn't and they got parking tickets that I actually saw and officer place on their cars as I was coming back to my car so I could leave. I'm just happy I paid to park since they checked while I was there. I left after we filmed the static shot that will be the scene that melts/molds/morphs into our painting. I was able to get back to school in time for all I needed to do and so ended that day of filming.

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