Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Casting Call for "Ruby Lips" Take Two

Today we hosted another set of auditions. This day was much better than Friday and we had a good number of people show up between 5pm-8pm. We actually had 4 auditionees ready to go when the director, Travis Hornsby, finally got there. I had a better time waiting up front but Christina was not there so I was alone. Actually only 4 of us out of our class were able to make it to this set of auditions. It was me, Jonathan, Travis, and Jessica. Jessica had to leave early cutting our group to 3 people in the final hour of auditions. However, we were fine and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of ages who came to audition. It actually looks like we might be able to cast people as their age and not worry about aging someone. I know we could do it if we had to but it's much better to have an actor who looks the right age play that age.

So after we finished auditions and I collected all the leftover supplies, I left, (with their permission), Travis and Jonathan to try and cast the film. They mentioned that we might have a set of callbacks tomorrow so we can see how well people work with each other and if they can work together professionally tomorrow. However, that wasn't 100% set in stone. They told me they'd let me know if they needed me and so I left and came back home to my dorm. Hopefully the headache I have will go away and let me rest.

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