Friday, February 15, 2013

Location Scouting for "Ruby Lips"

Friday we went location scouting for "Ruby Lips." We met up in Jenkins Hall at 11am and decided where to scout first before we left the building. All of the places we scouted today were on the Armstrong Atlantic State University Campus. Since we were meeting in the Jenkins Film Studio which is one of the possible locations for the police interrogation room we already had visited one location by the end of our meeting. Next we went to Solms Hall to check out the Mac Lab where we normally have Video Production II class and see if it would work as a possible interrogation room but before we got there we walked by the little office area in Solms with a waiting room. We stopped and took pictures thinking it would be a great police waiting room and the hallway connected to it in the back looks really cool. After we paused there we continued to the Mac Lab where we decided it would most likely not work in that room. Michael snapped a couple of photos anyways and then we debated on where to go next. Danielle convinced us that we would check out her apartment on campus next. Her apartment on campus we hoped would be a place that we could use to film Clementine's apartment scenes but only her bedroom was unlocked and it was very crowded in there so we took some pictures anyway and hoped for a better choice to film on. Then we decided to split up to use our time more effectively. I was sent to my dorm area where I "scouted" my car as a location for the ending scene in the film where London and Jesse drive away. I took pictures and uploaded then to our Facebook group page so that the people with "smart phones" could look at it. Meanwhile the others in the group scouted out the pool location where Clementine drowns and Jen discovers her body and also the locker room for the scene right before Jen finds the dead girl's body.

We had discussed using other locations on campus for scenes. For example, we hoped the police on campus would let us film the interrogation in one of their real interrogation rooms but we never actually got a solid answer from them so we will probably be using the Film Studio for that. Apparently we already have a Chemistry Lab picked out and ready for us to shoot in so no worries there. And there is actually a real morgue on campus but we can't use it for our morgue, (thank goodness for that. I didn't want to film in a real morgue because of the nasty smell of whatever preserves cadavers as well as the dead bodies themselves. I have already seen, smelled and touched a cadaver and its organs up in Dahlonega, GA back when I was still in high school. And one time is enough for me.).  We will probably have to transform another space into a morgue for us to film in.

We also decided that we will probably use Jessica's home instead of Danielle's dorm for the apartment scenes. We got a lot accomplished and now we are more prepared than we were for filming "Ruby Lips."

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