Friday, February 22, 2013

"Ruby Lips" Casting Call

Once we finished location scouting it was time to decide on when and where the auditions for the film would take place. We ultimately decided to have 2 time blocks of auditioning on Friday in the Jenkins Hall Film Studio. We would host auditions from 11am-2pm and the second block would be from 4pm-6pm. I was posted out front with Christina Harper to handle the filling out of forms and the distribution of sides and meeting the auditionees. Sadly, we did not have very many people audition during the first time block and we had even less at the second. We had only 2 auditionees during the second 2 hour block. Two people auditioned during those 2 hours! Only 2! I was so bored and tired at the end of the auditions from just sitting around and waiting. 

We decided that we needed to host another set of auditions next week on Wednesday sometime. And we decided to let actors in "Spring Awakening" audition for the film as well (they had been off the list because they were busy with rehearsing their show but that cut our casting pool down to almost nothing so we decided we'd work with and around the casted actors' schedules.). 

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