Thursday, September 27, 2012


Okay so today, well, Thursday actually, we ended day 4 of filming for "A Poker Hand" and with a wrap tentatively set for Friday night and a planned Waffle House celebration afterwards. Today was not a very good day for any of us in cast and crew. And speaking about crew, There are ONLY TWO OF US to make this entire film ourselves since our cinematographer, Michael Rodriguez dropped out of our group with no warning and good riddance to him because he never did anything at all to begin with, NOT ONE SINGLE ITSY BITSY THING! Christina and I have had to film this whole production by ourselves. We started out shorthanded since we were a group of 3 people instead of 4. Now, we're worse than shorthanded, we're missing an arm or something. I'm use to multitasking. I mean, I'm a woman, of course, I can multitask and I do it on a daily basis. But this is RIDICULOUS! I've had to be Cinematographer (Camera Operator), Director, and Boom holder at one time. I held the camera with one hand, directed with my mouth, while I held the Boom in my other hand! I also now have to do ALL OF THE EDITING for this film which takes FOREVER just to edit one minute worth of footage not counting watching all of the other takes to pick out the best shots to use and then putting them together which shows you how much CONTINUITY can cause trouble. I mean, one prop sitting two different ways in two separate takes means one whole take is now useless and can't be used if you want to use the other one. ARGH!!! I'M JUST SO MAD & FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW! And I have NO TIME to do everything that I need to get done BY MIDTERM! I have to DIRECT this film, EDIT this film, FINISH filming it, CREATE the DVD, write a MOVIE REVIEW, put together a DESIGN PROPOSAL for my Design for the Camera class midterm, do a PHOTO JOURNAL for the aforementioned class, DIRECT two actors in a Scene from "Hamlet," CAST & DIRECT a two person establishing scene from "Harvey,"not to mention the fact that tomorrow I have a MANDATORY GTC MOCK AUDITION tomorrow/today at 12:30pm which will cause me to be late for my Video Production class that not only STARTS at 1pm but is ALSO going to be held in LAUREL GROVE CEMETERY which is over 20 minutes AWAY from campus in the middle of Savannah! I also just received an EMAIL from my Advisor asking me about the progress of my SENIOR CAPSTONE and that I need to meet with him to discuss and go over what I have already done before midterm and there is a LONG LIST of things that I should have done by said meeting or else I'll get in trouble and I'm already having problems with that! I AM SO SHORT ON SLEEP THAT IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY! AND THE ONLY REASON I'M UP RIGHT NOW IS THAT I HAVE TO MAKE THIS BLOG ENTRY BEFORE CLASS TOMORROW AND IT HAS TO BE ABOUT FILMING! So here is my blog on filming! Enjoy and be happy that your life is not mine right now! Thank you for your attention and I hope that at least you have a nice day. Oh, and one more thing to rant on before I pass out from exhaustion. MY WHOLE VIDEO PRODUCTION CLASS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FOLLOWING MY BLOG AND ONLY SIX OF THEM ARE CURRENTLY DOING SO, AND THAT'S LESS THAN HALF OF THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE, EVEN THOUGH MY TEACHER WALKED THEM THROUGH THE STEPS ON HOW TO DO THIS LAST FRIDAY IN CLASS! Thank you. That is all.


  1. Dude, what was I doing when you guys made plans for Waffle House? O_O

    Also, I can help with editing, and I've been trying to help as much as I can with what I can. I mean it's YOUR vision after all, and you know more about what YOU want than I do. So I seriously hope that I haven't been like dead-weight or anything. Because ugh...

  2. You've been absolutely AWESOME! You definitely aren't a dead weight. I don't know what I'd do without you. You've been amazing! :D