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Media Topic #2 Reading a Film: A Scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
1. Describe what happened in the scene you watched.

Luke told Leia that Vader was there on the moon they are on and that he can sense his presence. So he must leave so that the Rebel Alliance will have a better chance at succeeding to disarm the Death Star's shields so that their fighters could successfully attack and destroy the Death Star and the evil Emperor. He told that he has to confront him because he's his father. Then he tells her that she's the only chance for the alliance if he doesn't come back. She starts to protest that he has a power she could never have but he interrupts her and tells her that she does indeed have it too. And one day she'll learn how to use it. Then he tells her his last secret. They are brother and sister. Leia replies after a moment of hesitation that somehow she's always known that. Then he tells her that he has to go find Vader because there is some good left in him and Luke believes he can turn him back to the good side. He has to try after all, he's their father. Then he leaves after giving her a goodbye kiss on the cheek.
Luke tells Leia that they are siblings
Han holds Leia after Luke leaves the village
Just as he exits Han comes up and sees that Leia is upset. He asks her what's wrong and she replies that she can't tell him. Han immediately gets offensive and says, "Could you tell Luke? Is that who you could tell?" Leia turns away from him with tears in her voice. Han starts to leave but turns around and apologizes. Leia looks at him and goes into his arms and says, "Hold me. Just hold me."

2. How does the scene make you feel?

Sad but happy in the sense that Luke finally told Leia they were brother and sister but in doing so he also revealed that their father was Vader. It's also for of happy in that Leia turns to Han for comfort and Han lets her and doesn't make fun of her.

3. What techniques did the filmmakers use to make you feel that way?

 The music was soft and sweet but with a sad lingering to it.
All of the lights and colors around them were dark blues and purples.
They spoke softly without yelling at new discoveries.

4. How did the pacing of the scene (fast or slow) or the movement of the camera affect your reactions?

The slow pacing helped the truth of the scene gradually sink into us. There was no rush or hurry despite the fact that there was a need for them to be in a hurry. The slow pans of the camera and cuts between faces were not abrupt or jerky and that helped make the scene feel soft.

5. List all the visual qualities such as framing, camera angles, colors, setting, costumes, decor, and lighting.

Framing: Often it was a close up of one or the other's face with their heads not only off centered but also opposite from the other character. There were very few full body shots and there was more usage of tight two shots to help create a sense of togetherness.

Camera Angles: almost on the same level for each character there wasn't a lot of differences between each character which sent out a sense of equality.

Colors: The dark blues and purples and browns and blacks gave a sense of closeness along with a sense of sadness.

Setting: They were up high in the trees on a bridge between two separate trees and yet with all the colors around it seemed almost as if they were barely above the ground and possibly looking into a dark lake. The moonlight filtering softly through the trees helped give a sense of being cocooned with everyone in a good sense. Almost like the darkness of a mother's womb.

Costumes: They were simple yet elegant. Luke wore an all black pilot outfit. Leia wore a soft light brown dress and Han wore a cobbled together pilot outfit with a black vest and brown pants.

Decor: Simple wooden bridge with softly hanging tree branches and leaves framing the scene.

Lighting: Very soft. Moonlight filtered between tree branches and leaves. A few lanterns that were far enough away that they were not totally intrusive to the sense of togetherness.

6. What was the mood of the scene?

Sad but more like bittersweet and tender at the same time.

7. How did the colors used in the scene contribute to the mood?

The dark blues and purples lent a sense of softness and sadness hold the scene.
Luke kisses Leia on the cheek before leaving her on Endor

8. What did the costumes tell you about the characters?

Luke was wearing all black  which gave him a somber but determined air.
Leia was wearing a light brown dress the Ewoks gave her and had her long hair flowing down her back without being tightly twisted up like normal. So she seemed somehow more vulnerable and more approachable than Princess Leia.
Han was wearing the same outfit he wears throughout the whole series. His pilot outfit. Black vest, brown pants with a white/cream colored shirt under the vest. So he seemed the same as he always does but at the end he apologizes to Leia which is not the norm.

9. How did music contribute to the mood?

It contributed greatly to the sense of sadness yet sweet memories. I love the French horn and the solo it has here is breathtaking. The music is so poignant that I almost want to cry whenever I hear it because it sounds so sweet and that's all by itself. When added to the movie it helped me identify with the characters.

Go to this link to listen to the music. It is beautiful.

10. What did the music tell you about the characters?

That they were family and that Luke didn't want t leave her but he had to try and save their father which was bittersweet since Leia just found out that they were officially related.

11. What did you learn about the characters from the dialogue?

They were more related to each other than previously thought. They all shared a somewhat common bond somewhere in their life. Leia isn't always so formal and defensive. She can be soft and vulnerable too. Han can learn how to be nice and not as cocky as before. Everyone can help each other out.

12. What were the values and opinions expressed in this scene?

Family is very important and no matter what you have to protect your friends and family even if it means doing something difficult. Everyone shares a common bond somewhere in their life.

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