Friday, September 14, 2012

Pre-Producton notes on "A Poker Hand"

Wow, I never knew that pre-production took such a long time. Casting was difficult but I finally have a cast and now I just need to set up a read-through/rehearsal sometime this week. Juggling schedules is going to be a chore and I am glad that that is not technically my job, as far as gathering information from everyone and putting it into a chart that says when we will have time to work together and when we won't. That's my producer, Christina Harper's, job; however, I will be helping out because I don't think it's fair to put that all down on only one person when your whole Pre-producion team is only made up of 3 people, one of whom was not in class today. That was a very bad thing considering what we learned today was suppose to be his responsibility since he volunteered to be our DP, (Director of Photography/Cinematographer), and lights and camera operating are part of the DP's job description. I'm sorry he was ill but this places an enormous burden on Christina and I to fill him in and get him up to speed. I hope he's a fast learner. Regarding casting, I went into class with only 4 out of the 5 characters cast but I did come out with them all cast even though Kelly still has the option to back out since I sort of drafted her. Worse case scenario I can play the part of Brie but I'd rather not be a director/actor in the very first film I've written. I just want to be the Director/Screenwriter and concentrate on those and the other responsibilities I have taken on for this film including but not limited to the following:

Makeup Artist
Properties Mistress

I may also have to do the following if our DP can't come to shoots:

Camera Operating
Lighting Set-up

And at least Christina has volunteered to do more than her share which I greatly appreciate. I also appreciate Fatima for volunteering to help with Sound even though she's not in our group and Kelly who has agreed to try and be Brie for the show, as I said earlier she can still opt out but I hope she doesn't because I have faith that she will do well in that part. And just in case you're wondering here is the cast list for "A Poker Hand":

MAN: Andrew John
ALICE: Paige Newman
BRIE: Kelly Towles
CAROL: Shea Lee
NARRATOR: Travis Spangenburg

I can't wait to start working with them and shooting the film. This is going to be hard work but I'm sure it will be fun, too.

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  1. Good luck with your film Miss Crane. I'm sure it will be entertaining. I also wanted to express my gratitude again for volunteering to play London. I’m very anxious about being able to cast people. Upon reviewing my script I realized I have 4 minor roles & 4 major roles. Thankfully the Professor & a few others told me to talk with a lady named Pam Sears. I hope she can calm these nerves.

    And by the way, if Kelly is unable to play Brie I wouldn’t mind giving you a hand with filming the scenes (in other words being your A.D. when you’re on camera). It would be a great learning experience because I don’t have any previous background in film. I need to gain some fast. I hope to direct my own short film as well as be the A.D. for Cory’s hip-hop film. But yes, if you need help let me know. I live In Hinesville but I can make it to Savannah & I’m usually free except for Saturdays.