Friday, September 28, 2012

Media Literacy Topic #3 Subjective or Objective Part A: Bias

List some Movies you really like and some of the things they have in common:

My Favorite movies: 

Star Wars Original Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Avatar, Twilight Series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Chicago, Cats, Apollo 13

What they have in common:

They are mostly fantasy or science fiction taking place in a world where things they do there are impossible to do in the real world or are very different from my own.  Most are adaptations from fantasy books that stay true to the book in the actual movie. They all have a protagonist that is vulnerable to adversity but overcomes it in the end. They all involve powers or abilities more advanced than what we have now such as things we might call "magic." Movies made of certain musicals.

My Least Favorite Movies:

I know there are many movies I hate but right now I can't think of many. I try to repress movies that I hate. I can say what they have in common, though. The few I can recall are The Knowing, Gone with the Wind Eragon, and sequels to the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

What they have in common:

Some are poor adaptations on books, horror movies, movies without a plot line the can be followed, gory and extremely bloody movies that are not ridiculously bloody, really stupid characters, movies with people having sex on screen while we see all of their bodies naked, movies that use a ton of cuss words, unresolved issues left at the end of the movie and I'm not talking just about cliffhangers when i say that because i can deal with those but when they leave half of the issues hanging just so they can make a sequel to it is rude and stupid. I also hate sequels made to movies that would have been better off alone. I mean, they do exactly the same thing if you think about it. The end of the 1st movie was happy and the male and female lead were normally deeply in love with each other and you automatically assume they will live "happily ever after" and then they make a sequel where they ruin the romance by creating a triangle and that's just unbearable to me. It's why I hate the sequels to the original Pirates of the Caribbean.

List the Qualities that would make you want to see a movie:

Fantasy worlds, female protagonists who end up doing things better than men, magic, an interesting world and culture, some romances that are not redundant and stupid, movies adapted from books as long as they don't ruin them

List the Qualities that would make you avoid a movie:

Lots of sex and nudity, lots of cussing, derogatory remarks on the female gender, horror movies, bad plots/no plots. Huge continuity errors.

Pick one medium you use regularly, such as a magazine, TV show, or blog. 
I don't really use any of the above except my own blog but in looking at the other people in my class's blogs I can tell there are biases.

What biases can you find? 
Some people blame an actor/actress for a writing problem and others blame a writing problem for bad acting

Are they similar to your biases?
Not really.

If so, how?
I try to keep an open mind whenever I watch a movie. I don't go in to watch a film like Snow White and the Huntsman, expecting Kristen Stewart to be a bad actress like most people approach any film she's in. And since they are so biased they cannot see her do anything well if they don't want to.

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